The best concepts usually appear unexpectedly when you’re out of the studio… Mostly, for us at least, while at a coffee shop.

Picture this. You’re sitting in your favourite coffee shop, sipping your preferred beverage to supplement your day, when suddenly the urika bulb flares up in your mind. Yes, you have just thought of the idea, concept, solution for the project that you’ve been toiling over for the last few days. This is a good thing right? Sure, but what if you forget the details? What if the idea doesn’t make sense when you get back to the office or studio?!

Quick, grab a napkin and a ball-point pen! Let’s get this locked in and doodle it out so it doesn’t fade… Maybe, if you’re lucky, another idea might build on that one and you’ll need another napkin. Now you feel like a genius even though you look like a kid frantically scribbling all over a slowly fraying napkin that still has the crumbs of that pumpkin spiced whatever you’re still chewing on.

Back at your desk you empty your pockets and find the most amazing concept ever produced on recycled paper.  this napkin is no ordinary napkin… this napkin has a coffee ring on the corner to seal the authenticity of such an amazing event.

Coffee Ring Studio salutes the creative moment and embraces the human process in design and marketing. To us our logo is a symbol of a successful day. We are the caffeine fuelled creatives.